My mother thought I was a monster,

Anonymous said: Azula is an old southern man from georgia named earl.

"… An old man named Earl?  Why? I surely would be reincarnated into someone more powerful than that.  Where is this… Georgia place you speak of?  Sounds made up."

[[I laughed at this]]

Who or what do you see my character being reincarnated into after they die?

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talk to the princess


I’m bored.  ._.

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Anonymous said: Azula, Zhao, Di Lee agent.

"Marry myself of course, fuck the di lee agent, and cuddle Zhao.  It was a messed up one but, easy to answer."

Anonymous said: fuck marry cuddle: Iroh, Zuko, Ursa.

"You like incest don’t you? I guess fuck dum dum, marry mom, and cuddle Tea Junkie?  Or marry tea and cuddle mo-  I cannot answer this!  I REFUSE to answer this!”

thewibblywobblytardis said: *Huggles you*

Azula has no idea how to respond to this.  She just hugs Lu Teen back awkwardly.  ”Hello cousin….”

Anonymous said: FMC: King Bumi, The Earth King Aang

"Can I just burn them all?

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Anonymous said: FMC: ZUKO SOKKA OZAI

"You anons disgust me sometimes.  Um..  Cuddle Ozai for he is my FATHER.  Marry Zuzu…” *shivers*  ”and fuck Sokka.  No choice.  He may not be that bad….”  ;)

in guing ti dwitxh bick tu munle u giys unferstand ne beyter wuth ut

"Regina, please for heavens sake controll your mun!  I’m being nice here."  

[[are you ok hun?]]

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